Major League Hacking 2024 Hackathon Season
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Program: File or multiple files that dictates to the computer a series of operations to be performed. This sequence of operations must be precise: it must not give way to ambiguities or operations that have not already been defined.


Computer: Unit Action Operation: for example, reading or writing a value in memory, performing a calculation, etc.


Run: Action to tell the computer to start a program.

Code: Series of instructions written in a text file translating the operations to be performed in a program. The code is not itself the program. It must be transformed to an executable file (as in Java, Python, etc.), or interpreted by another program (also, in a hidden way, as in Python). 

"Object-oriented Programming is a way to classify code based on the concept of objects—in other words, data created for specific functions. The idea is that no other part of the code can access data within a function, benefitting programmers by enabling them to create new objects based on existing ones and making them easier to modify”, Coursera. 

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