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BrébeufHx 2023: challenges


There are 3 challenges you can choose from:

UNICEF Brébeuf

Help spread awareness about children's rights.


  • App for donations or petitions on children's rights

  • Website allowing the club to post articles on children's rights news

Comité pour l'alphabétisation de Brébeuf

Promote literacy for children and adults.

  • Create a project that gives book recommendations to children according to their interests


  • Create a game in the style of 'WORDLE' with a twist


Make a project on the issue of your choice!


  • It could be anything! Let your creativity be free

You can ask us to validate your project idea.


Evaluation criteria:

Technology (/15): complexity of what is accomplished

Design (/5): quality of the visual appearance of the project, development of the UX UI



For all submissions on Devpost, we ask that you provide a GitHub link to your project to facilitate the judging.

In-person: After submitting your project on Devpost on Saturday, you will have until 6:30 p.m. to prepare a 4-minute presentation of your project. Make sure you include a short demo and talk about the coding you did. From 6:30 p.m., we will start calling teams into a classroom. You will have to present your project to the judges while respecting the time limit. They may also ask questions. You DO NOT need to submit a video with your project.

Online: Along with your project files, you will have to submit a max 3-minute video that includes a short demo and talks about the coding you did. As you'll have to submit this video on Devpost before 6:30 p.m., take this into account while managing your time.

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