Major League Hacking 2024 Hackathon Season
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How is brébeufhx different from others?

Thus, while the priority of the majority of hackathons is not to train or initiate its participants, most of the interested parties had to learn the basics of programming on their own. However, because it can be very difficult to start learning, and some may be discouraged, BrébeufHx seeks to make programming accessible to all beginners by providing valuable resources that will guide them and facilitate their learning. We want them to discover a new world in the hope that they will fall in love with it and end up working in the biggest artificial intelligence companies and helping to forge a better world.  

Moreover, the social impact posed by BrébeufHx also distinguishes him from his competition by the simple fact that unfortunately, several projects developed during hackathons are often abandoned at the end of computer marathons. That is why our vision is not limited to the offer of a programming competition, but rather of a social service. This will provide participants with the resources they need to complete their projects and have a significant impact on today's society, even after the hackathon has ended. It is in this vision that we will allow the participant to resubmit their project 1 month after the end of the hackathon in order to maximize our social impact. In short, we are committed to attracting organizations from the technology and social sectors, and to bringing them together with the brilliant innovative minds who will participate in the event!

Thus, BrébeufHx is directly connected to a diverse group of talented students. We help them realize their innovative ideas and make a difference in today's society. We also encourage our participants to make an impact on the community through their actions and to be there for others, as we do with them.

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