Major League Hacking 2024 Hackathon Season
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Any breach of the rules is subject to penalties, which can go as far as expulsion from the event.

Discord server

1. This server is mainly used for discussions and sharing of coding related to the event. If the topic of discussion is unrelated to the event , please move your conversation to another server or medium of communication.


2. Please keep things here SFW as this server is meant to be professional to a degree. Not everyone here is necessarily comfortable with NSFW topics, and we hope we can respect that. Sharing not safe for work material can be subject to an immediate ban and disqualification.


3. Refrain from using terms and slurs designated to discriminate against certain social groups. Even if you mean well and wish to use the terms jokingly, be aware that there are people who are directly affected and hurt by these terms. Please respect everyone and understand the discrimination many social groups face in our society. Any form of discrimination is punishable on the server, going all the way up to a ban. Offensive name tags are forbidden.


4. Make sure to change your nickname to your actual name so that we can give you the appropriate team role and give you access to your team's designated voice chat.


5. This server has a punishment system that works on a two strike basis: On the first strike, you are muted On the second strike, you are kicked.


Video and photo

If you participate in the in-person event, you are conscious and you accept that you may appear in photos and videos taken during the event.



Do not come if you have symptoms of COVID-19.

In order for the event to take place in complete safety despite the relaxations in force, the basic health instructions must continue to apply at all times:

  • Sanitize your hands often with an alcohol-based solution if you don't have access to soap and water.

  • When you cough or sneeze:

    • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your arm to reduce the spread of germs.

    • If you use a tissue, throw it away as soon as possible and wash your hands afterwards.



Refrain from using terms and insults.

It is mandatory to respect all participants, organizers, judges and representatives of the sponsors.

Challenges and plagiarism

It is forbidden to reuse code that you have already used or to copy the code of other people online without telling the organizers and the judges beforehand, except for public frameworks and libraries.

The organizers of BrébeufHx give themselves the right to determine who is a beginner programmer and who is advanced.

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