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Java is a programming language that mainly uses object-oriented programming. It is more difficult to understand than Python, which is why we recommend starting with Python if you are a beginner.

Why Java?

Java is a language that is often used in software and app development. Java is also known for being the language used to program Minecraft, as well as many other big time companies, such as Microsoft and Intel. It is also often used to make Android apps.


To program in Java, you must download the Java Development Kit (JDK) from this link:

You will also need a code editor to write your program on. Here are a few that are free:

  1. Netbeans:

  2. IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition: if you like using Pycharm, this is its equivalent for Java. Use this link to install:

  3. Eclipse:

Resources to learn Java:

We also recommend using online videos to learn programming. Here are a few popular Youtube programming channels.

  • freeCodeCamp

  • Thenewboston

  • Derek Banas

  • Programming with Mosh

  • Telusko

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