Past hackathons

What our past events looked like

BrébeufHx 1.0

The very first Hackathon was successful in gaining enough attention to allow future BrebeufHx's to happen. While lasting only a single day, it was full of enthusiastic programmers and insightful workshops presented by numerous mentors that came to the event. It was an overall great success. 


IMG_9425 (1).jpg

BrébeufHx 2.0

The majority of the participants of the second edition of BrébeufHx were high school and university students. They could decide if they wanted to participate in workshops prepared by our mentors or create a solution that solves a current issue. Most students were part of a small team ranging from 2 to 6 with our mentors providing advice to their solutions. The amazing projects were presented to our qualified judges and thus was concluded BrébeufHx 2.0.

BrébeufHx 3.0

150 passionate students gathered for the third edition of the hackathon. With the help of the awesome mentors at the event and the amazing challenges and workshops provided by our sponsors, many unbelievable projects were created and showcased to our judges. BrébeufHx 3.0 was an undoubtful success.


BrébeufHx 4.0

During the Covid-19, over 350 students have gathered online to enjoy a 3 day long hackathon. Thanks to the cooperativeness of our mentors, we were able to host the entirety of BrébeufHx 4.0 on Discord and Teams. With highest participation to date, this event was an undoubtful improvement over previous events.